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Android App to manage ESXi FREE
« on: September 18, 2015, 01:51:56 PM »
I've written an Android App to manage FREE ESXi. I am not using the API's, it's all via SSH.  Checking here if there's any interest.....

I intend to add some more functionality, but so far it does this:

Select your Host IP
Enumerates all registered VM's, creates icon for each for the OS, VM name label is red for off, green for on.
Single click powers on or off. Checks for VMtools and does graceful shutdown if possible.
On power on, launches VNC to the VM, in case your stuck is startup repair or something.

Long click gives other options for the VM - Set VNC to 5900+vmid, Hard OFF, Reset, reboot, Power on to BIOS, or VNC Connect.

You can also build a new VM, set Name, HDD size (IDE), select ISO to boot from, mem size, VNC support, & OS.

I am using bVNC since it uses hextile encoding, other Android VNC clients do NOT & the mouse is unusable.

I intend to add some other controls, but it's meant to be a quick access to your home server. Not a replacement for VSPhere Client.  Like if your kid wants to start his game machine, he just taps the icon.

Originally this was intended to control MY home server.  My ESXi 6.0 host has no onboard GPU, I am using an NV FX5200 PCI card. I found that I can "steal" this from the host, which runs headless.
Since this GPU would normally be consumed by the DCUI and is basically a waste, I gave the PCI GPU & a PCI USB card to an Android x86 VM with a touchscreen.  So my home server has a touchscreen console that I can control all the VM's from.  I found it works so well I made it generic and can manage ANY ESXi host.

So i intend to add maybe snapshot management & possibly the ability to assign PCIe devices to VM's. Power operations for the host. Install tools.  Install from physical cd. unregister or delete VM?

Any suggestions?